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The Cassadapt gives Commodore computer enthusiasts a way of interfacing their Commodore 8bit computers to modern PC's to either record a .tap/.prg file to a Datassette or playback a Datassette to the PC to capture as a .wav file to then convert to a .tap file.

Prior to Cassadapt there had been some interfaces that allowed users to connect the 1530 (C2N) Datassette to a modern PC using an LPT and game port. In 2010 when this device was designed I realised that only one of my PC's actually had an LPT port, not one had a game port. So I set about designing a more modern solution to allow tape enthusiasts to play the thousands of tape games available off the internet (and maybe even preserve a few), with some additions to the existing design's out there.

So exactly what does the Cassadapt do?

It converts audio signals from your PC's sound card to digital 0-5V data that can be recorded to a real C2N / 1531 Datassette or played directly in to the C64, C16 etc, even without the need for a real Datassette connected. It even comes with a built in head alignment program. With the use of fantastic programs like TapWav, TAPClean, AudioTAP and WAV-PRG, Cassadapt is the play-record loop tape enthusiasts are looking for.

It now comes with a built in Tape Azimuth alignment program to assist in set-up or the alignment of a real datassette.

Want to see Cassadapt in action? Vinny from C64Endings put something on YouTube.

The cost per Cassadapt is $35 AUD (Australian dollars), this price does NOT include postage costs.

Because Cassadapt must be sent as a parcel not a letter the postage costs vary depending on your location. Below is some example costs:

Australia post breaks the postage rates down in to four Zones, you can check what zone you are in on this pdf International Post Charging Zones
The current prices are (as of Nov 2010), including shipping box:
Zone A - $7 AUD (Zone A is New Zealand)
Zone B - $8 AUD (Zone B is Asia Pacific)
Zone C - $9 AUD (Zone C is USA / Canada / Middle East)
Zone D - $11 AUD (Zone D is Rest of the world)
This is currently the only shipping method we offer, but is not tracked and is not insured. Australia Post do offer registered post for an additional $10 AUD, but the tracking does not apply in some countries, so it's not worthwhile, but if you really want this option please let me know.

If you are still unsure on postage costs please contact me with your location and I'll let you know.

Link to Cassadapt Manual

Number in stock ready to ship: Discontinued!!

  • Cassadapt development files

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