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Joyport Switcher.

One of the more annoying things for Commodore gamers is the lack of standards the programmers of the day used when it came to joystick controls. No matter what game you load up your joystick always seemed to be plugged in to the wrong port.

The last thing we want to be doing with a computer made in the 80's is pulling plugs out all time. Whilst you could keep two joysticks plugged in all the time this becomes an issue with space more than a solution (well at least for me it was).

So what does the Joyport Switcher do

The C8D Joyport switcher solves this problem and offers some additional benefits at the same time.

Now you can have any combination of devices plugged in to the joystick ports and never have to unplug them again to swap ports.

With the press of a button on the Joyport switcher it can swap the signals from the joystick inputs to either port on the C64.

For example, in the normal state the joysticks operate like so:

Port 1 Input > Port 1 Output

Port 2 Input > Port 2 Output

When you press the button to swap ports this happens:

Port 1 Input > Port 2 Output

Port 2 Input > Port 1 Output

So just imagine your joystick is plugged in to Port 1, you fire up a game that is looking for a joystick in Port 2, no more pulling the plug to swap it, just press the button on the Joyport switcher and your joystick is now switched to Port 2 on the C64.

All signal lines are swapped so a mouse or paddles work fine with this device. The other benefit of having the Joyport switcher is it helps protect the C64's CIA chips from external static damage. There is no longer a direct connection on any of the joystick port signal lines to the C64 from the input plugs. And finally it even stores the last swap state with power removed, great if you are playing the same game over a few days that required the ports were swapped.

The cost per Joyport switcher is $35 AUD (Australian dollars), this price includes worldwide postage in a padded bag. If you require more than one the postage cost rises by a few dollars, contact me for an exact quote. They are only available as a fully assembled unit, however if you would prefer something be left off (such as the button or DB9 plugs) then please let me know when ordering.

Please note: These will not fit any Amiga computers due to the port spacing differences.

Number in stock ready to ship: Discontinued!!

  • Joystick Switcher development files

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